When I make a garden, I consider the needs of the client and of the environment in which that garden will grow. The architectural elements of a garden that are expressed in dry stone walls, paths and avenues, shapes of borders, places to sit and plant combinations are chosen to create different atmospheres and moods. A garden should be a delight, a truly interesting place to walk through and be in.

I closed my Brooklyn office of Bloom Design Inc. in 2010, and I am now based in the Catskills in East Meredith, NY. Having worked for many years designing urban gardens, I have turned my focus to designing gardens in rural settings. I am a garden designer, plantsman, garden writer, and now a garden blogger who experiments with new and old varieties of plants at Totem Farm, my own private garden in East Meredith, NY. Gardening is my passion, as well as a vocation. For more than 20 years, I have designed and overseen the development of gardens in the British Isles and the United States.
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